Software download

The IVE Model is offered as a free download.

Installation instructions: After downloading and decompressing, the model should run upon clicking the icon for the application. The "IVE Model" folder may be placed anywhere, but the contents of the folder must remain in their original relationship to one another. All data files should be placed into the "IVE data" folder. If an error occurs upon first attempting to run the model, the Java Virtual Machine might not be installed.

The IVE Model requires the Java Virtual Machine. If you need the Java Virtual Machine it can be downloaded free from Sun Microsystems.

Note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data and output of the International Vehicle Emissions Model, however Global Sustainable Systems Research cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies regarding the operation or data output of the software.

Download IVE Model 2.0.2 (updated March 31, 2010)

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IVE Model for Windows (.zip)
3.3 Mb
IVE Model for Macintosh (.zip)
3.2 Mb

Download IVE Users Manual and Attachments
The following texts are drafts. Reports of any mistakes or potential improvements would be appreciated at

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Quick Start Guide (.pdf)
56 Kb
User's Manual 2.0 (.pdf)
4.2 Mb
User's Manual 2.0 [Espaņol] (.pdf)
3.8 Mb
Attachment A: Base Emission Rates (.pdf)
294 Kb
appendix A: Base Emission Rate Data (.xls)
1.2 Mb
Attachment B: Adjustement Factors (.pdf)
272 Kb
appendix B: Correction Factor Data (.xls)
5.6 Mb
Attachment C: Driving Adjustment Factors (.pdf)
309 Kb
Attachment D: Field Study and Data Collection (.pdf)
605 Kb

Technical Questions or Comments
If you are having difficulties installing or running the IVE software, or have any suggestions about how the software might be improved, please contact us using the address provided below. We'll make every effort to provide users with answers to technical issues.